Konosuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World! - 1 том (ранобэ)

Бренд: Yen Press
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1,350 руб

Game loving shut-in Kazuma Sato's life as a young schoolboy in Japan abruptly comes to an early end...or at least it was supposed to. When he opens his eyes, though, he sees a beautiful goddess that offers him a once in an after-lifetime chance to be reborn in a parallel world. The catch is that the world is violent and threatened by a growing evil! Fortunately, he can choose any one thing to bring with him. So he chooses the goddess, Aqua! And so his adventure with his gorgeous companion begins--if he could just get enough money and food to survive, keep his goddess out of trouble, and avoid grabbing the attention of the Demon King's army!

  • Источник KonoSuba
  • Размер A5 (14.8 x 21 см)
  • Переплёт мягкий
  • Автор Natsume Akatsuki, Kurone Mishima
  • Кол-во страниц 176
  • Язык Английский
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